Protect Your Tree Nut Orchard From Yield-Robbing Disease

{Sponsored} Tree nuts are susceptible to a variety of diseases that thrive in the humid, wet weather that occurs in the spring and can be harmful to growing nuts, halting or damaging the health of... more »

Be wary of small orchard pests afflicting tree health, nut quality and yield

(Sponsored) While navel orangeworm often garners the most attention when talking about orchard pests, small pests can be just as devastating. Spider mites and ants can generate damaging consequences... more »

Maintain vigilance against Phytophthora in almonds

(Sponsored) The drought progressing throughout California is taking a toll on the fertile Central Valley, home to the world’s largest acreage of almond orchards. Yields from last season are down d... more »

Increase plant health, vigor in nut crops

(Sponsored) Nut growers looking to increase plant health and vigor in an efficient and economical approach have a tool at their fingertips: OMEX’s® Cell Power® Zynergy™. A unique formulation t... more »

Managing navel orangeworm takes all growers doing their part

(Sponsored) A major threat to almonds and other nut crops, navel orangeworm (NOW) presents a primary source of direct crop damage when the females lay eggs on the nuts. But the secondary damage goes... more »

Plan Ahead to Defeat Pests and Disease

(Sponsored) The U.S. agriculture industry has been strained to new limits in recent years to meet consumer demand and deliver an abundant food supply, and that includes the nation’s nut growers. D... more »

Nut growers look to take on supply chain challenges

(Sponsored) Over the past several years, the U.S. agriculture industry has never faced such unprecedented realities of supply uncertainty and sourcing challenges to meet consumer demand, and ultimat... more »

Get ready for springtime blossom

(Sponsored) A good harvest starts with a good bloom. Use winter to get your trees ‘bloom ready’, say OMEX® agronomists Francisco Rivera Guerrero and Saul Perez.  Focus on the bloom and nothin... more »

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