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Drought is forcing growers to fallow land, but what comes after fallowing could be another problem - dust; Farm Credit encourages some flexibility for struggling borrowers
August 15, 2022
FCA encourages Farm Credit System institutions to work with borrowers affected by recent flooding, heat and drought

Over the past few weeks, floods have impacted several states, and severe heat and drought have affected much of the country, especially Texas and California.

Alternatives sought for farm fallowing amid dust worries

Farmers, researchers, government officials and water managers are looking at ways to ease the transition to fallowed ground and mitigate concerns such as dust, and one option points to grain.

August walnut orchard management considerations in California

These recommendations are intended to help growers, but the optimal times for these specific practices may vary based on farm location and conditions.

New directors of Almond Board of California begin their terms

The 10-member board has five grower members and five handler members, also with three independent and two co-op representatives.

  Deere has formed a joint venture with GUSS Automation

Deere & Company has formed a joint venture with GUSS Automation, LLC. GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System) is a pioneer in semi-autonomous orchard and vineyard sprayers. GUSS sprayers can be remotely supervised by a single operator, allowing growers to spray orchards and vineyards more quickly and consistently, using fewer resources and reducing costs by eliminating operator error and downtime.
Wilbur-Ellis announces student teams honored in Innovation Award

The Wilbur-Ellis Innovation Award was launched in 2021 as part of the company's 100th anniversary celebration. The winner received a $25,000 grand prize.

Crops fallowed, herds reduced as drought deepens

State farmers fallowed 395,100 acres of cropland last year, resulting in more than 14,000 lost farm jobs and $1.7 billion in revenue losses.


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