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One almond farmer has seen a great return on cover crops; SUSTA helps navigate export certifications, and CA farmers keep facing challenges
August 29, 2022
Almond case study tests new ROI calculator for cover crops

Can the economic benefit of cover crops accurately be measured and, if so, what is the return on that investment? 

TPGA’s annual Holiday Pecan Trail map returns

Growers, own a pecan retail store? Get featured in the Holiday Pecan Trail map this year.

SUSTA offering export webinar on navigating European certifications

Southern growers interested in European export will learn which certifications are necessary and how to get them.

Blue Diamond Growers recalls almonds after testing finds salmonella

Over 347,000 pounds of almonds were recalled of whole brown almonds. The status is ongoing, though Blue Diamond has said it has recovered 100% of the nuts. Batch and Lot numbers included here.

  Deere has formed a joint venture with GUSS Automation

Deere & Company has formed a joint venture with GUSS Automation, LLC. GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System) is a pioneer in semi-autonomous orchard and vineyard sprayers. GUSS sprayers can be remotely supervised by a single operator, allowing growers to spray orchards and vineyards more quickly and consistently, using fewer resources and reducing costs by eliminating operator error and downtime.
Assembly panel urged to keep farmers in California

With technology making other regions newly viable, legislation providing restrictions, and drought forcing the fallowing of farmland, California growers continue to face significant challenges.

Registration now open for the second USDA Innovation Fair

The Innovation Fair is designed for everyone – from food scientists and industry experts to community gardeners and those curious about food loss and waste efforts.


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