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Preventative fungicide sprays in almond, a call for grower input on pests in Midwest hazelnuts
February 13, 2023
USDA adds ochratoxin A testing for pistachios exported to European Union

The testing of OTA, a mycotoxin, was added to the existing Laboratory Approval Program for Analysis of Aflatoxins, and the program was rebranded to the Laboratory Approval Program for Analysis of Mycotoxins.

Wanted: Information about insect pests in Midwest hazelnuts

University of Minnesota is asking for grower feedback on pest management in hazelnut.

USDA seeks nominees for American Pecan Promotion Board

The American Pecan Promotion Board is seeking nominees for four producer seats representing the Western Region, two importer seats, and one vacant producer seat representing the Central Region.

Principles of Fruit and Nut Trees short course dates set for March

This course on the fundamentals of fruit and nut tree growth and management is back in person, featuring a week of classroom instruction and an optional week of field days.

  Protect Your Tree Nut Orchard From Yield-Robbing Disease

Tree nuts are susceptible to a variety of diseases that thrive in the humid, wet weather that occurs in the spring and can be harmful to growing nuts, halting or damaging the health of the tree. If not managed effectively, these diseases can greatly impact yield and quality potential. Proactive planning and knowing what to look for are the foundation of disease management when combatting these early-season tree nut diseases.
Disease management in almond in tight budget year

Preventative treatment with the right fungicides should give better disease control compared to spraying after infection once symptoms appear.

14th Annual Upper Midwest Hazelnut Growers Conference registration open

Speakers and presentations will cover a range of topics, including hazelnut genetics, infrared drying, new cultivars, cost share, pest and disease issues, branding and more.


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