Pecan strategy research is looking to monitor orchards for six years with covered tests, and pistachios are having a moment in the spotlight.
February 20, 2023
Noble Research Institute launches pecan strategy research projects

The 6-year monitoring program will look at soil health, ecosystem resiliency and profit per acre. Tests are covered by the program, and a team of pecan experts is staffed to help.

Pistachios are the nut (and color trend) of 2023

As predicted by food trend experts, the little green nut gains popularity in the U.S. beyond snacking.

USDA announces Conservation Reserve Program signup for 2023

CRP is a cornerstone voluntary conservation program to address climate change and help agricultural communities invest in the long-term well-being of their land and natural resources.  

DNA research finds low genetic diversity among U.S. honeybees

The lack of genetic diversity creates a vulnerability for U.S. honeybees to survive in shifting climates that are now wetter or drier than usual. There is also concern that a honeybee's inability to fight off disease or parasitic infection.

  Protect Your Tree Nut Orchard From Yield-Robbing Disease

Tree nuts are susceptible to a variety of diseases that thrive in the humid, wet weather that occurs in the spring and can be harmful to growing nuts, halting or damaging the health of the tree. If not managed effectively, these diseases can greatly impact yield and quality potential. Proactive planning and knowing what to look for are the foundation of disease management when combatting these early-season tree nut diseases.
Almond Board of California announces 2023 elections

The industry will choose for one independent grower position and two independent handler positions on the board of directors. Alternate seats for those spots are also open.

Principles of Fruit and Nut Trees short course dates set for March

This course on the fundamentals of fruit and nut tree growth and management is back in person, featuring a week of classroom instruction and an optional week of field days.


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