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California walnuts had extreme 2022 weather events that damaged the crop; USDA wants to clarify some pecan standards language; newly planted trees susceptible to ambrosia beetle
February 27, 2023
UGA to growers: Be on the lookout for ambrosia beetle

Whether a large outbreak or not, ambrosia beetle attacks will occur at some extent on newly planted pecan trees.

2022 walnut crop loss and poor nut quality – What happened?

Late frost events and extreme summer heat led to large crop loss for walnut farmers, making 2022 a year the industry would like to forget.

Meeting to discuss U.S. standards for grades of inshell and shelled pecans set for Feb. 28

Due to the complexity of the revisions, USDA-AMS Specialty Crop Inspection Division wants to provide an opportunity to meet and clarify language in specific sections of the proposed standards.

Monarchs and More Western Habitat Program open for applications

Site prep is conducted by the grower, seed is provided by Monarch Joint Venture, and the seed is designed to be location appropriate based on the region.

  Protect Your Tree Nut Orchard From Yield-Robbing Disease

Tree nuts are susceptible to a variety of diseases that thrive in the humid, wet weather that occurs in the spring and can be harmful to growing nuts, halting or damaging the health of the tree. If not managed effectively, these diseases can greatly impact yield and quality potential. Proactive planning and knowing what to look for are the foundation of disease management when combatting these early-season tree nut diseases.
Funding opportunity: AFRI – Sustainable Agricultural Systems

The program seeks creative and visionary applications that take a systems approach to significantly improve the supply of affordable, safe, nutritious and accessible agricultural products, while fostering economic development and rural prosperity in America.

USDA announces Conservation Reserve Program signup for 2023

CRP is a cornerstone voluntary conservation program to address climate change and help agricultural communities invest in the long-term well-being of their land and natural resources.  


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