Monday, February 15
Optimizing almond pollination at challenging time of year        

Pollination conditions when almond trees are in bloom can be far from ideal, however, Biobest has some suggestions.

Seed grants set to support pollinator health and biodiversity

Honeybees and native pollinators will find more forage in California’s almond orchards this spring as a result of the almond community’s five-point Pollinator Protection Plan.

  Calcium: Three Golden Rules for the Almond Grower

After bumper yields lifted almond growers’ hearts and spirits in 2020, it’s still too early to say how 2021 will turn out. First indications will come with February’s bloom, but it’s still not too late for some nutrition planning to maintain yield potential should 2021 deliver another season of almond-friendly conditions, says agronomist Francisco Rivera, of OMEX® Agrifluids.
$12.5M available for CA nut growers via low-dust harvester program

Applications for the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District's Low-Dust Nut Harvester Replacement Program are now available.

New Oregon State hazelnut varieties expand production

After hazelnut varieties developed at Oregon State University saved Oregon’s industry from devastation by eastern filbert blight, hazelnut acreage in Oregon has nearly tripled, marking a full recovery from a disease that nearly wiped out the state’s official nut.

Iowa Nut Growers Association is hosting the Hazelnut Academy

The Iowa Nut Growers Association is hosting the Hazelnut Academy that started Feb. 1 and continues through March 22.

Turning food waste back into food includes almond shell byproducts

There’s a better end for used food than taking up space in landfills and contributing to global warming.


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