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February 22, 2021
Almond Board of California announces 2021 election

The Almond Board of California Board of Directors election for the 2021-2022 crop year has begun.

Mitigate almond tree stress with a science-based irrigation schedule

“We can’t control the weather, but thankfully there is an increasing number of tools at growers’ disposal to make strategic irrigation decisions and mitigate risks associated with certain conditions, not just weather, but also soil conditions,” said Matt Comrey, technical nutrition agronomist, Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness.

  Combat Bacterial Blast with CS 2005!

Almond bloom is here and conditions are proving for trees to be susceptible to bacterial blast! Give your orchard a fighting chance with CS 2005! Click here for proven results by Dr. Jim Adaskaveg to fight disease in almonds and walnuts!
EPA approves emergency registration request for kasugamycin on almond

Up to two applications of kasugamycin to control bacterial blast will be allowed on almonds under anticipated cold or freezing conditions until petal fall, with some restrictions.

Heliae Agriculture marks National Almond Day with PhycoTerra almond data

Gilbert, Arizona-based Heliae Agriculture is releasing new crop trial data on National Almond Day that demonstrates when almond growers adjust their practices to improve soil health, they increase their bottom line.

  Calcium: Three Golden Rules for the almond grower

After bumper yields lifted almond growers’ hearts and spirits in 2020, it’s still too early to say how 2021 will turn out. First indications will come with February’s bloom, but it’s still not too late for some nutrition planning to maintain yield potential should 2021 deliver another season of almond-friendly conditions, said agronomist Francisco Rivera, of OMEX® Agrifluids.
Connie Conway named 2020 Almond Champion of the Year

Connie Conway, Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency in California, has been honored as the Almond Alliance of California’s 2020 Almond Champion of the Year for the agency’s outstanding efforts in assisting almond growers with the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

NIFA grant set for cost-benefit analysis of winter cover crops in almonds

The National Institute for Food and Agriculture, or NIFA, has awarded Amélie Gaudin, associate professor in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of California, Davis, an Agricultural Systems Research grant totaling $500,000.


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