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With prices down, California growers now have a new option: Fallowing productive land to protect groundwater for domestic wells.
January 2, 2023
Fees increase Jan. 6 for UCANR Statewide Pistachio Day

Be sure to register for an information-packed day about pistachios — the latest research-based production practices, IPM and more — before prices go up.

Groundwater sustainably and protection of vulnerable domestic wells in California via LandFlex

Multiple organizations have teamed up to introduce LandFlex — a program that reduces groundwater demand by contracting with farmers to rotationally and temporarily fallow ground in areas deeply dependent on groundwater for domestic well supplies.

New Texas Pecan Board election results

Four new members have been elected to the Texas Pecan Board.

Agriculture Council of America announces 2023 National Ag Day essay contest theme

Open to high school students, contestants can compete with either a written or video essay. Both are national competitions, and both winners will receive $1,000.

Inside the nursery: Digging season

Growing rootstock for new trees is a lengthy process. Here's a look into digging season at the nurseries.

Principles of Fruit and Nut Trees short course dates set for March

This course on the fundamentals of fruit and nut tree growth and management is back in person, featuring a week of classroom instruction and an optional week of field days.


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