Monday, January 25
The ‘UC Wolfskill’ walnut will allow earlier harvest

University of California, Davis, researchers have bred a new walnut variety designed to provide growers a way to harvest earlier and boost the harvest efficiency of California’s $1.6 billion walnut industry.

Nut industry groups join call for OK of Vilsack as ag secretary

A coalition of nearly 130 leading U.S. food and agriculture associations called Jan. 20 for the swift confirmation of Thomas Vilsack to serve as Secretary of Agriculture.

Profitability of ‘Lakota’ pecan analyzed

The top concern on growers’ minds right now is reducing the cost of production. In the Southeast, over 12% of the variable cost of production comes from the cost of fungicide to control pecan scab. It’s the highest single annual expense outside labor costs. Fuel follows closely behind.

Small Pecan Producers Workshop scheduled in Georgia

University of Georgia Extension is offering a workshop for small pecan producers.

  Combat Bacterial Blast with CS 2005!

Bloom in Almonds is quickly approaching and conditions are proving for trees to be susceptible to Bacterial Blast! Give your orchard a fighting chance with CS 2005! Click here for proven results by Dr. Jim Adaskaveg to fight disease in Almonds and Walnuts!
Beekeepers work to recover after wildfire damage

Beekeepers who suffered losses from a lightning-sparked wildfire last summer say they have a few surviving honeybee colonies, and look forward to spring when they can build more hives for almond pollination a year from now.

Labor department’s final rule to modernize H-2A regulations set

The U.S. Department of Labor announced Jan. 15 a final rule that modernizes the H-2A Temporary Agricultural Labor Certification Program.


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