With extreme drought limiting water, walnut kernel development may be affected during these critical months, also affecting next year's growth.
July 11, 2022
Preview 2023 Farm Bill in upcoming Training Tuesday

Learn how farm bills are put together, what the 2023 Farm Bill may have in store, as well as some potential outcomes.

Nut curculio in pecan; Best to tolerate the damage if light

These weevil pests may appear in older orchards with a history of damage, but in fields with light damage, it may be best to tolerate it to prevent later aphid and mite infestations.

  Improving Nut Tree Yields with Intelligent Soil Moisture Monitoring

Orchard farmers have some tough decisions to make about managing scarce water resources through the coming months. Intelligent root monitoring technology can continuously monitor trees over single or multi-year crop production increasing yield 25% while maximizing water efficiency.
SUSTA offers summer webinars on trade

Find out what's happening in 2023, and why export readiness training is important.

Drought strategies for walnut orchards

Walnut growers aren't getting all the water their plants need, and water stress at this time of year affects this crop and the crop for next year.

  Keep Your Workers in the Field and Navel Orangeworm Out

After a trial last season, a California almond grower is going all in with KeyPlex AWP to control navel orangeworm. Benefits he likes include: Zero REI, zero PHI, 21-day spray interval and better safety for workers as well as beneficial insects.
Pecan inventory down 15%

More acres are being planted to match demand, but supply isn't keeping pace.

USDA announces July 2022 lending rates for agricultural producers

USDA Farm Service Agency loans provide important access to capital to help agricultural producers in a variety of ways.


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