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Since insects aren't eligible as a CA endangered species, reclassification might protect bumblebees, challenging farming practices
June 13, 2022
Farm groups ‘troubled’ by court’s bumblebee ruling

The California Endangered Species Act does not include insects, but several bumblebee species were voted as candidates for listing in 2019. The bees' classification as fish may protect them, and their protection is problematic for farmers.

Seeds for Bees application open enrollment launched

Open enrollment started June 1, and new applicants can receive up to $2,500 in free seed.

  Keep Your Workers in the Field and Navel Orangeworm Out

After a trial last season, a California almond grower is going all in with KeyPlex AWP to control navel orangeworm. Benefits he likes include: Zero REI, zero PHI, 21-day spray interval and better safety for workers as well as beneficial insects.
Almond Alliance announces historic joint venture to “move nuts”

California launches the Central Valley Ramp shipping solution to get last year's almonds moving to international markets ahead of this year's upcoming harvest.

UMHDI conducting insect pest survey

Upper Midwest Hazelnut Initiative is asking growers to share their insect pest situation with University of Minnesota to better understand pest pressures.

SUSTA offering export readiness webinar

This overview will cover the importance of why new exporters should be trained on the program.

Almond Board seeks feedback from growers in survey

The survey will help the Almond Board better serve growers, and the first 100 respondents will receive two tickets to Thor - Love and Thunder.

  On soils low in organic matter, adding humus is essential for resilient orchards and lasting productivity

New highly-durable granular humic substances give tree nut growers a new opportunity to immediately make lasting improvements to their soil. And as all growers know, better soil means increased resilience to biotic and abiotic stress, greater efficiency from fertilizers and irrigation, and better yields. Top-quality humus amendments are therefore an essential tool to ensure bountiful harvests year after year -- especially on sandy or low fertility soils.

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