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Proposed grading changes are open for comment; follow the checklist for ERP help; understand pesticide active ingredients
June 6, 2022
Proposed rule for revised U.S. pecan standards open for public comment

USDA welcomes comments on the proposed rule for revised pecan standards for the U.S. pecan industry during the 60-day commenting period.

Emergency Relief Program checklist items for eligible farmers

An administrator with the Farm Services Agency points farmers in the right direction for filling out ERP applications.

Almond Board of California announces 2022 election results

The board is made up of five grower and five handler representatives, and their terms begin Aug. 1.

Understanding active ingredients in pesticides

Texas Extension agent Cary Sims offers some pointers about active ingredients and making smart pest management decisions.

  On soils low in organic matter, adding humus is essential for resilient orchards and lasting productivity

New highly-durable granular humic substances give tree nut growers a new opportunity to immediately make lasting improvements to their soil. And as all growers know, better soil means increased resilience to biotic and abiotic stress, greater efficiency from fertilizers and irrigation, and better yields. Top-quality humus amendments are therefore an essential tool to ensure bountiful harvests year after year -- especially on sandy or low fertility soils.
Conservation goals leave many farmlands out

Farmland-conservation advocates argue that California's ambitious conservation-based climate plan largely excludes the lands of farmers from being counted.

Almond Board presents E.U.’s Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy

Get an overview of the Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy taking shape in the European Union.


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