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A four-year pecan study involves staff at UGA, California approves fungicide, and farmers celebrate National Ag Day
March 27, 2023
Four faculty members from UGA participate in pecan study

The University of George announced that four of faculty from its College of Agriculture have received an award for its second phase of a pecan study, which is one of the state’s commodities.

California approves use of AgBiome’s Theia fungicide

California regulators recently approved AgBiome Inc.’s Theia fungicide use in the state. This fungicide can be used throughout the U.S. to treat numerous plant diseases in fruit, vegetable and tree nut crops.

  Mitigating impacts and risks from rising soil salinity

AquaSpy soil monitoring technology provides soil salinity data every four inches by measuring electrical conductivity (EC). Using hands-free wireless probes, the grower can accurately track the effect of an irrigation or rain to ensure that a leaching exercise completed successfully.
Farm groups urge Congress to pass the Farm Operations Support Act

Farm groups have urged Congress to pass the Farm Operations Support Act, which would decrease the Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) paid to H-2A temporary visa farm workers to 2022 levels. That would drop the current national average AEWR of $16.13 to $15.56.

EPA announces accelerated action on four organophosphate pesticides

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an effort to expedite protections on some high-risk uses of four organophosphate pesticides. The Agency is releasing the updated occupational and non-occupational spray drift exposure risk assessments for these four pesticides – diazinon, ethoprop, tribufos and phosmet – several years ahead of the scheduled completion of EPA’s work on these chemicals in order to seek early mitigation prior to completing the standard registration review process.

  A Pest Solution With Proven Efficacy and No Known Resistance

Choose the proven solution that combines precision and protection to help you eliminate target pests and provide customers with high-quality tree nuts: ProFume® gas fumigant. To learn more about ProFume and Precision Fumigation™ tools and techniques, visit
The nation celebrates seventh National Ag Day on March 21, 2023

For the seventh year, the White House has publicly recognized National Ag Day as a salute to the contributions of America’s farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses. This year, President Joe Biden has proclaimed March 21, 2023 National Ag Day.

BioSafe Systems patent offers new tool for agricultural industry

U.S. patent number 11439151 B2, titled ‘Process for Treating an Agricultural Medium,’ has been awarded to BioSafe Systems. The patent establishes BioSafe Systems' innovative and original idea qualifying its development of the Restorative Soils Program (RSP) as a vital tool for the future of the agricultural industry.


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