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March 6, 2023
California pistachio growers and processors contribute $6.4 billion-plus impact to state’s economy

With every new acre of pistachios California reaps a wellspring of economic rewards totaling more than $6.4 billion in the Golden State, according to a new economic study commissioned by American Pistachio Growers.

Almond farmers not skimping on bees

Even after a bruising year of lower earnings, crop losses and soaring production costs, California almond growers may not be willing to cut corners pollinating their trees this season.

  Mitigating impacts and risks from rising soil salinity

AquaSpy soil monitoring technology provides soil salinity data every four inches by measuring electrical conductivity (EC). Using hands-free wireless probes, the grower can accurately track the effect of an irrigation or rain to ensure that a leaching exercise completed successfully.
The bees and the bees: Researching co-pollination

Honeybees may be the pollination front runner, but blue orchard bees are becoming a bigger piece of the puzzle

A quick chat with USDA Foreign Agriculture Service Associate Administrator Clay Hamilton

As consumers and members of the tree nut industry, growers and allied partners can often see firsthand the efforts made to build domestic demand for high-value crops. But, exports are a tremendous factor in the success of this industry. Part of this is building relationships with other nations who are expanding their own acreage and industries  in these crops.

  A Pest Solution With Proven Efficacy and No Known Resistance

Choose the proven solution that combines precision and protection to help you eliminate target pests and provide customers with high-quality tree nuts: ProFume® gas fumigant. To learn more about ProFume and Precision Fumigation™ tools and techniques, visit
Almond Board of California, Drexel University announce student product development competition

Almond Board of California and Drexel University are hosting a student product development competition for the first time this spring, providing students with the opportunity to develop next-generation almond snack products that cater to younger consumers and meet the taste and nutrition needs of tomorrow.

Farmers tout technology as essential for growing future

Growers beset by high cultivation costs are turning more consistently to technology to provide relief on multiple fronts, a trend that is here to stay.


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