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Pecans are showing heat stress symptoms, cover crop seed program open, USDA announces emergency relief program
May 31, 2022
Heat has arrived for pecans, and problems come along with it

With the dramatic increases of summer temperatures, pecan trees in the Southeast are showing signs of stress.

Extreme weather demonstrates need for more cover crops in almond

For Project Apis m.'s new director and fellow tree nut farmer, the unpredictability of weather is even more cause for cover crops use and the Seeds for Bees program.

  Real-time data to drive daily decisions

You control what you can, but the wild card of microclimate requires accurate, real-time, hyper-local weather and environmental data. Now, daily decisions will drive your success. Learn more in this special report from Davis Instruments.
  On soils low in organic matter, adding humus is essential for resilient orchards and lasting productivity

New highly-durable granular humic substances give tree nut growers a new opportunity to immediately make lasting improvements to their soil. And as all growers know, better soil means increased resilience to biotic and abiotic stress, greater efficiency from fertilizers and irrigation, and better yields. Top-quality humus amendments are therefore an essential tool to ensure bountiful harvests year after year -- especially on sandy or low fertility soils.
Effects of drought, inflation top Farm Bureau testimony

California farmers are facing an 'existential crisis' as water remains problematic, water infrastructure needs repair, costs increase while farmer payments don't, and international markets become inaccessible.

USDA announces emergency relief program

The Emergency Relief Program provides disaster relief to farmers as part of $10 billion to help the U.S. farming community.

  Proper Nutrition Will Help Alleviate Drought Stress

By working within the plant itself to increase its ability to absorb nutrients, KeyPlex 120 nutritional supplement provides big results. Increased root mass, higher brix, longer shelf life, stronger disease and drought resistance are among the benefits of boosting the mitochondria in plants.
APG attends ‘Save Our Communities’ water rally

Hosted by over 50 ag organizations, hundreds of participants concerned with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act spoke of how their California communities might be affected.

USDA extends deadline for public to comment on competition challenges in seed, fertilizer, other inputs and retail markets

Extended 30 days, the new deadline is June 15, and the information is intended to provide USDA with data on competition and market access for farmers.

  Protect from Walnut Blight: Detect and Prevent

Walnut blight is an unpredictable nuisance that can be detrimental to crop production. Protect your orchards from disease by understanding conditions, symptoms, and implementing effective prevention and management measures to achieve higher yield without loss due to disease pressure.

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