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California tree nut farmers are having to make difficult decisions with still-viable trees as water gets cut; Texas Pecan Short Course registration opens
November 21, 2022
Water rules add to challenges for California farmers

Costs are high, water is scarce, and prices to growers are low. With the economics of tree crops the toughest they've been in decades, is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Texas Pecan Short Course registration open

This four-day event will cover the facets of planning, development and business, as well as the annual cycles of production.

US October almond shipments fall to 8-year low

The total industry sold position was 39%, down three percentage points year-on-year and nine percentage points below the 5-year average.

Vilsack highlights USDA’s climate initiatives and investments at COP27

Global food security depends upon the ability of farmers and producers worldwide to increase their productivity, while strengthening their climate resilience and minimizing their climate impacts.

Nitricity fertilizer technology featured at UN COP27

This tech uses only water, air and renewable electricity to produce sustainable nitrogen fertilizers.

PhycoTerra soil microbial food featured on Discovery Channel docuseries

Heliae's PhycoTerra will be featured in multiple episodes of "Live to Farm," a documentary-style show airing on The Discovery Channel, RFD-TV and streaming services.


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