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Public comment is open for changes made to a pecan handlers form regarding pecans received; Almond Board of California CEO is retiring
November, 28, 2022
Update to the pecan federal register and voluntary standards

USDA is requesting all written public comments to be received by Jan. 17 regarding a "pecans received" handler form.

Almond Board of California Search Committee preparing for 2023 CEO transition

Richard Waycott joined Almond Board of California in 2002, and will be available as appropriate during the transition process.

Pollinator Partnership Bee Friendly Farming webinar registration open

This introductory webinar will take a look at the certification criteria and other topics.

Nationwide farmer, rancher and forest manager prospective customer survey

USDA is seeking the unique perspectives from both existing and prospective customers, especially prospective customers who don’t know about the farm programs, have yet to work with them, and those who were unable to participate in the past.

Upper Midwest Hazelnut celebrates 15 years

Starting a new crop and industry from scratch is no small feat, but ongoing collaborations have continued to move this initiative forward.

Remembering key contributor to almond industry irrigation improvements

It’s hard to estimate Schwankl’s impact on the state’s agriculture industry with his career focus on sprinkler, drip and flood irrigation management.


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