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Research in almond is showing useful ways to improve water capture, especially in times of drought.
October 17, 2022
Management practices for improved water capture in almond

Groundwater recharge, organic matter, reduced or no tillage – in the middle of drought, management practices may help improve the retention of limited water resources.

Final H-2A rule tightens housing laws, increases government enforcement ability

Program changes include governmental authority to ban from the program for misconduct, upgrades to housing and inspections, updates to bond requirements, mandatory electronic filing, and changes to how wages are determined.

LSU Extension agent spots uncommon hickory horned devil caterpillar in pecan

This non-venomous, startling-looking caterpillar has an appetite for young pecan leaves, but seldom causes significant damage.

USDA seeking public comment on new provision to provide assistance to ag producers who have experienced discrimination

Section 22007 helps farmers, ranchers and forest landowners impacted by discrimination in USDA farm lending programs.

Newsom advisor warns of climate threats to farming

California forests are experiencing more tree mortality, the snowpack is being lost to the atmosphere, and groundwater aquifers are becoming depleted.

New grant could help pay for conservation practices for CA farmers

California Department of Food and Agriculture has recently set aside $15 million to help offset the cost of planning and implementing big projects.


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