Freezes, droughts, extreme heat, hurricanes and more, whirlwind events could leave growers needing assistance help.
October 3, 2022
Reporting losses and submitting applications for natural disaster assistance

Tools and help are available for growers experiencing crop losses and damage due to natural disaster. Timelines vary by program.

California Supreme Court rejects review of bumblebee status

Agricultural groups argued that bumblebee protections could affect growing crops, herbicide and pesticide applications, and use of commercial honeybees to pollinate crops.

Pecan shellers needed for safety survey

University of Georgia and USDA-ARS are conducting a survey to identify the safety and needs of pecan shellers in the U.S.

Biden-Harris Administration makes $500 million available to increase American-made fertilizer production

Grants will be used to support independent, innovative and sustainable American fertilizer production to supply American farmers, spur competition and help address rising costs.

Farm waste finds a future in rubber, sugar and more

A wide research effort searches to repurpose agricultural byproducts.

Autonomous herbicide sprayer introduced

Nine sensors on the sprayer detect, target and spot spray weeds on the orchard floor, which reduces material usage and drift during application.


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