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In an uncommon year of surplus, almonds were approved for USDA's Section 32; Texas pecans looking to fill board member seats; mixed weather affecting Southern pecan regions.
September 5, 2022
Effort secures federal procurement program for almonds

The almond industry doesn’t always have surplus inventory, but big crop years combined with pandemic-related shipping issues created conditions for almonds to participate in the federal program this year.

Texas Pecan Board schedules election for 3 at-large members

Nominations forms are available now, and elections will be held Oct. 28, 2022.

  How to use soil EC in irrigation management

Use crop root level soil EC monitoring sensors as part of a soil health irrigation water management strategy for sustaining crop production in drought stricken and arid regions.
NRCS webinar: Organic agriculture as a climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy

Organic production could play a role in presenting solutions and adaptation strategies to climate change.

Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance issues statement of principles

SCFBA was established to advocate for broad-based Farm Bill policy initiatives to address the unique needs of specialty crops and address their overall competitiveness.

Georgia pecan crop needing some sunshine

Solar radiation levels were, for some locations, half of what they should have been, perhaps limiting the tree's ability to finish out kernel fill.

Smaller Oklahoma pecan harvest expected this fall

Yields are inconsistent across the region, but native pecan growers may see smaller yields since they don't have the ability to irrigate.


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