Jun 5, 2024
BeeHero establishes regional headquarters in Australia

BeeHero, a precision pollination company, has announced the establishment of its new regional headquarters in Australia as part of a strategic plan to expand operations in support of Australian growers and beekeepers.

BeeHero’s expanded presence involves support for multiple crops, with the company’s groundbreaking in-hive and in-field monitoring technologies now deployed across almonds, canola, macadamia nuts, apples, pears, plums, cherries, avocados, hybrid seed crops and blueberries.

Beekeepers using BeeHero's technology report 33% fewer colony losses compared to the national average.
Photo courtesy of BeeHero.

Pollination services are a vital component of the vibrant Australian agriculture industry. About one third of Australian food crops are reliant on honeybee pollination, including almonds, avocados, and blueberries.

With its proprietary, low-cost IoT sensors set to monitor tens of thousands of hives in Australia during the 2024 pollination season, BeeHero’s Precision Pollination as a Service (PPaaS) in-hive monitoring solution is offering growers and beekeepers data-driven insights into the complex nature of the hives and their health.

BeeHero’s Pollination Insight Platform (PIP) delivers in-field bee activity metrics and is deployed across the country in almonds, apples, blueberries and hybrid seed crops to monitor bee activity in agricultural operations, delivering growers a real-time window into the pollination of their crops.

“We’re excited to be ramping up our operations at such an exciting time for BeeHero and for Australian agriculture,” said Omer Davidi, co-founder and CEO for BeeHero. “Relationships are at the heart of our work, powering our ability to support local beekeepers and growers in their efforts to sustainably produce the food that helps nurture the Australian population and economy. We look forward to partnering with the region’s corporate and family farms to improve pollination outcomes and operations for more efficient and profitable farming.”

This follows BeeHero’s initial venture into the Australian market and the rollout of its partnership with leading local pollination service provider Monson’s Honey and Pollination in July 2023. The company will continue to grow its collaboration with Monson’s as it advances new partnerships with the region’s growers, who will benefit from BeeHero’s advanced AI-powered data analytics and proprietary sensor technology, which bring transparency and efficiency to the complex logistics of commercial agriculture, improving bee welfare, pollination efficacy, and crop yields.

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