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Nutrition is key to growing the pecan industry
By American Pecan

{Sponsored} In a move that marks a significant shift in the pecan industry’s approach to marketing, the American Pecan Council (APC) and the American Pecan Promotion Board (APPB) are working together to create a global marketing strategy that’s set to reimagine the pecan’s place in the market and in consumers’ hearts. The Unified Pecan Promotion Plan (UPPP), as this strategy has been aptly named, pivots on four strategic initiatives:

  • Higher Value through Nutrition
  • Expanded Demand Through New Occasions
  • Industry Readiness Through Services Strategy
  • Incremental Volume Through Exports

According to Anne Warden, CEO, APC and APPB, The UPPP is a blueprint designed to bring pecan industry partners together. “We want to align the entire supply chain – from grower to seller to customer – under a single vision and mission.”

Spotlight on “Higher Value Through Nutrition”
While all four strategic initiatives are key to industry-wide growth, the story of pecans as a nutritional powerhouse creates a tremendous untapped marketing opportunity. “Higher Value Through Nutrition” seeks to uplift the pecan’s profile from a tasty snack to a nutritional powerhouse.

Despite their delicious taste, most consumers are not aware that pecans are also highly nutritious. The UPPP aims to tackle this by shifting the consumer perception to view pecans as an essential, nutritious food, thereby increasing demand and value. This comes on the heels of a survey indicating a strong consumer inclination towards foods that reduce heart disease risk and support cognitive health—areas where pecans naturally excel.

How exactly does the Unified Pecan Promotion Plan intend to change these perceptions? By focusing on digital content, third-party validators, and nutrition research.

 Educating Consumers with Digital Media
Instead of the traditional scattergun approach to marketing, the pecan industry is sharpening its aim. Leveraging consumer perception and buying behavior data, the UPPP is gearing up to make pecans a staple in digital shopping carts. Expect to see more targeted, persuasive content online, where most buying decisions are now made.

Activating Third-Party Validators
The UPPP recognizes the enormous influence of fitness and lifestyle influencers and plans to collaborate with these key figures to propagate the nutritional messaging of pecans. By partnering with popular health platforms and cultural content creators, the industry intends to integrate pecans into the narrative of a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Research and Industry-wide Messaging Clarity
Harnessing a wealth of existing research and generating new data will be pivotal to strengthening pecans’ health claims. By syncing the messaging across the entire supply chain, the UPPP is looking to create a clear, consistent and powerful chorus singing the nutritional praises of pecans.

Just the beginning
These initiatives, though ambitious, are only the starting line. The APC and APPB are preparing to launch promotions that position pecans uniquely in the nut market. This will not only distinguish them for their natural nutrition and superior taste but also establish a strong foundation for long-term strategic partnerships.

As the UPPP unfolds, the goal is to create a future where pecans are not just another nut in the bowl, but a prized ingredient in the health-conscious consumer’s diet. For pecan growers, this could mean a significant uplift in the value of their crops, aligning with evolving consumer trends that prioritize health and wellness.

The APC and APPB are setting the stage for a pecan renaissance, one that promises to elevate America’s only native nut to new heights of consumer awareness and appreciation. Through the work of the UPPP and its focus on nutrition, the pecan industry is ready to crack the market wide open, so to speak.

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