Jun 7, 2023
AMVAC GreenSolutions releases a biological fungicide for use on almonds

AMVAC GreenSolutions released Vintec, a biological fungicide, for use on almonds. Recent trials on almond canker disease confirm Vintec controls pathogens associated with canker disease as well as, or better than, the conventional standard.

Vintec is a natural and innovative advanced formulation of Trichoderma atroviride strain SC1 and is available for use in California. Vintec should be applied within 24 hours after pruning to ensure thorough coverage of the wound is achieved for the highest effectiveness.

AMVAC logo GreenSolutions logo“The biocontrol properties of Vintec allow the product to colonize the wood of the tree to control pathogens causing almond canker disease,” said Ted Walter, U.S. GreenSolutions marketing manager at AMVAC. “Vintec is displaying incredible results in controlling almond canker disease, especially when compared to other commonly used conventional fungicide products.”

A recently released data set from a trial administered by the University of California, Davis, is a compilation of results gathered over six years of trials comparing conventional fungicides, paste, sealants, and paint to the biocontrol product, Vintec.

Vintec by AMVAC logo“The results of our study of biocontrol agents on almond canker disease were exciting,” said Dr. Florent Trouillas, extension specialist, Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center at UC Davis. “Vintec allowed great protection of the pruning wounds with long-lasting activity.”

Vintec is also registered for use on grapes and has been widely used throughout Europe in grape production to manage grapevine trunk diseases. For more information, visit amvac.com/greensolutions.

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