September/October 2023
A partnership of: Legends California Almonds + prime time

California Almonds are going Prime Time! The Almond Board of California (ABC) is launching a new one-of-a-kind partnership of legends with the one and only Coach Prime himself, Deion Sanders. Coach Prime is a hall of fame, multi-sport athlete turned coach and almonds are a legendary, multi-benefit packed snack with promising new research around exercise recovery. Both continually redefine what is possible.

In the biggest celebrity partnership ABC has taken part in, Deion Sanders will bring excitement and his iconic boldness to promote a groundbreaking research study around the exercise recovery benefits of almonds. The Own Your Prime campaign will give an inside look at what keeps Prime in his prime: consistency, hard work and recovering with almonds.Almond Board of California ABC

The Own Your Prime campaign will come to life in the U.S. market, launching at the beginning of the NCAA football season with advertisements airing on national and cable TV on CBS, Fox, ESPN and CBS Sports. The fully integrated campaign is scheduled to run for 9 months, including a robust advertising, digital, social and public relations program. The campaign will even include retail advertising in select California stores on grocery carts and in the snack nut aisle.

Representing approximately 30% of total almond shipments, the U.S. continues to be the number-one destination for California Almonds. Consumers possess very positive perceptions of almonds. They rate them as not only one of the healthiest nuts, but one of the healthiest snacks.

Despite these positive perceptions, the U.S. has been facing significant headwinds stemming from unprecedented macro forces that are impacting almond consumption, such as changes in how we eat coming out of COVID-19, evolving perspectives on health and wellness, food inflation and increased competitive pressures. The Own Your Prime campaign comes at a great time to reach a broad audience and help, in part, to offset these headwinds and by bringing excitement and new meaningful news to consumers.

Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime
In an Almond Board of California celebrity partnership, Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, will promote the exercise recovery benefits of almonds. Photo courtesy of Almond Board of California.

The goal of the Own Your Prime campaign is to appeal to a broad U.S. audience and break through the competitive clutter in a bold way. This campaign will showcase new nutrition research findings of almonds and provoke consumers to rethink almonds and the value they deliver. Coach Prime will help translate the exercise research findings to increased almond consumption by showing consumers how to own their prime.

Prime time is now, baby!

Taylor Hillman is the senior specialist, industry communications for the Almond Board of California.

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