Mar 11, 2024
Blue Diamond Growers latest report indicates weather limited pollination activities

Blue Diamond Growers latest Crop Progress Update reported diverse weather patterns, which impacted almond-growing regions, complicating the bloom progress.

In a week marked by a blend of adverse weather and sunny spells, almond growers across California faced challenges and some challenges with pollination.

Anthony Scudder, regional manager, member relations for Blue Diamond provided the March 8, 2024 Crop Progress Report via email. In the report, Scudder underscored the dynamic nature of almond cultivation and emphasized the importance of strategic management amid unpredictable weather conditions.

Scudder noted in the report that the Sacramento Valley experienced persistent rain and heavy winds, which impeded bloom advancement. Overcast skies and morning temperatures in the mid 30s dampened bee activity that hampered pollination efforts despite previous conducive conditions noted in last week’s report.Blue Diamond Growers logo

Contrastingly, the Central and South San Joaquin Valley experienced improved conditions as the week unfolded. Initially, showers, strong winds and reports of localized hail and tornadoes in Kings and Madera counties disrupted operations. However, mild afternoons later in the week facilitated active bee pollination, albeit with sporadic bloom availability, according to the weekly report.

Garrett Gilcrease, a Kings County farmer, expressed optimism despite challenges, highlighting favorable pollination conditions tempered by occasional winds and cooler temperatures, according to the report. Concerns have now shifted towards pest management as warmer weather approaches Scudder noted in the report.

The report indicated that Butte and Padre varieties reached peak bloom and transitioned into petal fall and jacket stages in the Central Valley. Other regions trailed slightly, with peak bloom observed earlier in the week. Varieties like Sonora, Nonpareil, Monterey and California are now progressing through later stages of petal fall and jacket, signaling the end of bloom and pollination season.

As almond orchards move towards post-bloom activities, including fungal treatments and pest management, growers remain vigilant amid fluctuating weather patterns and evolving agricultural needs.

This weekly report covered conditions and activities observed from March 1-7. Blue Diamond’s March 8, 2024 Crop Progress Report is available online.

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