Nelson Irrigation's R2000fx low pressure sprinkler system

Mar 12, 2024
Nelson Irrigation releases new low pressure solution sprinkler

Nelson Irrigation’s Rotator Technology has announced the release of a new low pressure solution sprinkler, R2000FX.

The R2000FX offers a flow range is 1 to 3 gpm, radius of 29 to 40 feet and a pressure range of 20-35 psi. There are four different plate options that deliver water at 12 degrees, 15 degrees or 24 degrees. It combines rotator technology with off-axis plate motion to deliver low pressure operation, which allows the sprinkler to be used at wider spacings with lower application rates compared to other low pressure sprinklers.

Flow control nozzles are standard on the R2000FX and provide uniform application of water across a complete system, the press release from Nelson stated. The nozzles used in the R2000FX are a new design for operation at lower pressures.

“The orifice diameter is greater when unpressurized and smaller when pressurized.  This flexing has shown significant resistance to plugging.  The combined rotator and off-axis action has shown reliable operation when water with high mineral content is used.  Deposition of minerals can cause other sprinkler models to stall,” the press release stated.

Nelson Irrigation noted that this new product can be used in permanent solid set or portable solid set irrigation systems.

“The systems can be used for irrigation, freeze protection or crop cooling.  Permanent solid set crop examples include blueberries, nuts, bananas, African oil palm and overhead cooling of fruit crops. Portable solid set crop examples include potatoes, vegetables, alfalfa, corn, and pasture,” Nelson Irrigation said in the press release.

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