California DPR/EPA approves Section 18 emergency registration for kasugamycin on almonds

The approval applies to 12 counties and is valid through April 15, 2022. Growers are heavily encouraged to be mindful of pollinators and utilize references for best practices. more »

Almond Board issues guidance reminder for fluopyram use in 2022

Recommendations for fluopyram-based fungicides change after lowered maximum residue levels imposed by the European Union. more »

Pesticide conference in Pecos County, Texas, set for Nov. 16

Five Texas Department of Agriculture continuing education units are available for private and non-commercial pesticide applicators. more »

Erie researchers identify new threat to American chestnut trees

For lumber companies, the American chestnut was a nearly perfect tree – tall, straight, rot-resistant and easy to split. It also was prolific, sending up new shoots that grew quickly. In the earl... more »

How to address leaf scorch and fruit thinning in Georgia pecans

Neofusicoccum, a fungus causing leaf scorch symptoms, is a relatively new problem popping up in orchards for the last 8-10 years, normally after extended periods of rainfall and cloudy weather. more »

UGA pecan expert gives scab outlook

Recent daily rainfall for most of Georgia's pecan-growing region is making it an "apocalyptic year" for pecan scab, especially during critical shell hardening. more »

How long should your fungicide be on before the rain?

Growers enjoyed a temporary delay in sprays this spring, but summer rains have growers working double time to control pecan scab. more »

Beating Georgia’s pecan scab

Two varieties have held the market for decades. New varieties hold promise against the industry’s biggest pest. ... more »

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