UGA pecan expert gives scab outlook

Recent daily rainfall for most of Georgia's pecan-growing region is making it an "apocalyptic year" for pecan scab, especially during critical shell hardening. more »

Planting and irrigation setup complete for low-input variety trial in southeast Georgia

After receiving a grant from the commission to research low-input pecan varieties, the trial orchard is well on its way. more »

Protecting pecans with friendly fungi

Harmless to humans and beneficial to plant growth, two fungi are showing the ability to control weevils, aphids and stink bugs. more »

How long should your fungicide be on before the rain?

Growers enjoyed a temporary delay in sprays this spring, but summer rains have growers working double time to control pecan scab. more »

Pecan trees begin ‘June drop’ in the Southeast

While shedding nuts is common and can happen during June and July, nut drop late in the season can be a sign of tree stress. more »

Beating Georgia’s pecan scab

Two varieties have held the market for decades. New varieties hold promise against the industry‚Äôs biggest pest. ... more »

Making the most of pecans in the Southeast

Nut drop tells growers important things about tree stress, and the two phases of nut production have very different requirements. more »

Insect issues on young pecan trees addressed in Georgia

Pecan budmoth, ambrosia beetle and camphor shot borer pest pressure is appearing, and University of Georgia is providing growers pesticide recommendations. more »

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