Aug 11, 2023
DICKEY-john moisture tester touted as revolutionizing nut industry

DICKEY-john has introduced a moisture tester that includes technology specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the nut industry.

DICKEY-john has introduced a moisture tester specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the nut industry.

The trademarked GAC 2700-LF is set to revolutionize moisture testing and quality assurance processes, enabling nut producers and processors to enhance productivity and deliver top-quality products to their customers, according to a news release from the Auburn, Illinois-based DICKEY-john, a division of TSI Inc.



Key highlights of the model include precision moisture testing: The GAC 2700-LF utilizes 149 MHz technology, developed by the USDA, for accurate moisture measurements for a wide range of nut varieties.

In rapid testing, the unit reduces testing time, boosting overall operational efficiency. Nut processors can now test faster, allowing for quicker decision-making and improved throughput.



A user-friendly interface that ensures ease of use for operators at all levels of expertise. Integrated features for data management: The unit offers connectivity options and bar code scanner capabilities, enabling users to easily transfer moisture data as well as maintain records for regulatory compliance and quality assurance purposes.

“We are excited to offer a next-generation moisture testing solution designed to meet the needs of the nut industry,” Ketan Mehta, TSI’s vice president for product management and marketing, said in the release. “The importance of knowing your moisture content to the quality of nuts is vital to managing a profitable and efficient business. Our new GAC 2700-LF tester not only simplifies the actual process of measuring moisture, but also provides several beneficial features, making it an indispensable quality assurance tool for nut processors and growers alike.”

DICKEY-john is a privately-held division of TSI Inc. As a pioneering provider of advanced moisture testing solutions for various industries, DICKEY-john strives to develop state-of-the-art products that optimize productivity, ensure quality and drive operational efficiency, according to the release.


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