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May 4, 2022
Gemperle Family Farms releases first sustainability report

Gemperle Family Farms released its first Sustainability Report 2022 highlighting sustainability practices in both their egg and almond farming operations. The report is a baseline of where the company is today and what they have achieved since the 1950s along with a set of targeted goals.

The family’s strong environmental values are an important driver of the company’s sustainable practices. “We hold a deep respect and are deeply grateful for our agricultural land and environment, and the animals, customers and employees we interact with daily,” said Mike Gemperle, vice president of Gemperle Family Farms. “Our generation is merely a temporary steward of our agricultural land, air and water – they belong to future generations.”  The report was compiled and written by the Gemperle Family and speaks to the heart of who they are as farmers.

The company’s egg farms are surrounded by almond orchards and work together in a symbiotic relationship in which each benefit from the other. The programs for environmental sustainability include water conservation and quality, energy efficiency and reduction, air quality, soil health and land management, integrated pest management, recycling and waste reduction, regenerative carbon farming and biodiversity. Most of the farm’s eggs are sold locally, within one hundred miles, which greatly reduces their carbon footprint. The company’s almonds are sold through the local Blue Diamond farming cooperative.

“We are science-based farmers and get involved in progressive programs and research to improve our farming methods,” explains Richard Gemperle hydrogeologist and almond farmer. “For example, we use owl predators to control rodents both in our almond fields and outside our egg barns. Cover crop, hedge rows and pollinator strips are used to supply habitat for wildlife and pollinators as well as nourish our farm’s soil.”

The egg division’s animal care program along with its certifications, are among the strongest in the farming community. A major milestone was achieved by Gemperle Family Farms, explains Steve Gemperle, president of Gemperle Family Farms. “In May 2021 our farms became 100% cage-free in California, which was seven months ahead of schedule. All of our hens live in aviaries and are free to fly, perch, dust bathe and participate in healthy hen behavior.”

Along with environmental and animal care programs, the report also highlights food safety, employee programs and community involvement. Every year between 250,000- 500,000 eggs are donated to local nonprofits in the Central Valley of California to help with food insecurity to ensure that those in need have healthy eggs included in their family diets.

As egg and almond farmers, Gemperle Family Farms discusses in their report how farmers can support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). No matter how big or small, each farmer can do their part to help support these goals which recognize ending poverty, improving health and education, reducing inequality while taking into consideration climate change and preservation of the environment.

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