Feb 16, 2021
Heliae Agriculture marks National Almond Day with PhycoTerra almond data

Gilbert, Arizona-based Heliae Agriculture is releasing new crop trial data on National Almond Day that demonstrates when almond growers adjust their practices to improve soil health, they increase their bottom line.

According to a recent study shows that almond crops respond within the current production season to an improved soil microbiome by using a superior microalgae food source, PhycoTerra, to drive aboveground yield and quality. Furthermore, an improved soil microbiome can influence soil moisture characteristics, which can help push the crop through periods of heat and post-harvest moisture stress.

“The PhycoTerra product line of conventional and organic microalgae technology is a proven way to feed and increase soil microbial activity that can have an immediate impact on your tree nut growth and yield,” said Norm Davy, Chief Revenue Officer at Heliae Agriculture. “The below-ground microbiome can be harnessed to improve the growth and development of permanent tree crops.”

In the study held at Atwater, California (sixth leaf Nonpareil almonds) and Sutter, California (12th leaf Nonpareil), PhycoTerra had a direct, positive impact on soil microbial abundance and diversity, which led to an improvement in crop performance.

The application of 2-3 gallons/acre of PhycoTerra, increased yield at both the Sutter and Atwater trial sites by an average of 14%, compared to the grower standard. The average program ROIs were 14:1 (based on October 2020 Nonpareil nut prices) for the season. At Sutter, the combination of enhanced yield and optimized nut size drove the ROI for PhycoTerra to an outstanding average ROI of 21:1.

“At Heliae Agriculture, we believe in delivering solutions to growers to make regenerative agriculture possible today,” said Eric Lichtenheld, president and CEO of Heliae. “We know that success for growers starts with the soil, and this recent trial of PhycoTerra on almond crops demonstrates just that.”

To learn more about PhycoTerra, including where to buy, please visit PhycoTerra.com.

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