Jul 13, 2023
Georgia pecan growers vote to continue pecan commission assessment

Georgia’s pecan growers have voted to continue funding the Georgia Pecan Commission through grower assessments.

Georgia Pecan CommissionIn balloting that was conducted from May 1-30, the Peach State’s pecan growers approved the continuation of the one cent per-pound assessment. The vote was 82.7% voting in favor, according to a news release from the Tifton, Georgia-based Georgia Pecan Growers Association.

The assessment funds promotional activities conducted by the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Pecans, also known as the Georgia Pecan Commission. The assessment is applicable to growers with 30 acres or more of pecans grown in Georgia.

Collections are authorized under the Georgia Pecan Commission Marketing Order which must be approved every three years. The commission is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The assessment is separate from the Federal Market Order for Pecans Checkoff. The Georgia assessment of one cent per-pound supports research and marketing activities of the Georgia Pecan Commission for the benefit of Georgia pecan growers. The marketing efforts focus on a targeted audience and increasing the awareness of Georgia pecans as a snack option over other nuts and snack items as well as promoting Georgia pecans at many trade events, according to the release.

Georgia Pecan Growers Association Some of the research projects funded with The University of Georgia and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service focus on production practices, disease and insect control, variety development, water management, and health benefits of pecan included in diets.

Founded in 1995 by Georgia pecan growers, the commission funds research and educational and promotional programs designed to increase demand for Georgia pecans. The commission promotes pecan consumption domestically and internationally. The commission works to increase awareness of the nutritional, health and economic benefits of pecans as a regular part of the American diet, resulting in increased sales and trade opportunities for Georgia pecan growers.

Georgia’s pecan industry includes growers and shellers, aggregators (businesses that buy from multiple producers and sell in bulk to others) as well as brokers, who also buy in bulk but sell in response to market demand.

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