Beeflow, Watts Solitary Bees introduce blue orchard bees to almond orchards

Honeybees immediately come to mind regarding pollination, but there are 20,000 bee species in the world. This partnership is using native blue orchard bees in almond. more »

The buzz around pollination tech

There is a great deal of agtech hitting the markets, including regarding bees. From maintenance to precision, pollination technology is changing. more »

Almond growers welcome news of the arrival of bees

Two and a half million honeybee colonies will be moved to pollinate 1.3 million bearing almond acres. Costs are up, habitats are down, and California agriculture officials will begin assessing civil penalties for violations of laws that protect bees. more »

BioSafe, BVT to benefit from each other’s product methods

Drawing on a similar customer base, BioSafe and BVT will partner their biologicals and bee vectoring technologies, respectively. more »

Almond Board issues guidance reminder for fluopyram use in 2022

Recommendations for fluopyram-based fungicides change after lowered maximum residue levels imposed by the European Union. more »

Indoor storage of honeybees

How bees are managed matters for pollination. more »

Robotic pollination for aiding wind pollination boosts pistachios

Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture is preparing to offer artificial pollination services to pistachio growers in California in April 2022 after successful trials boosted yields 24%. more »

North American Pollinator Protection Campaign honors almond growers of California

The organization has only given out its Business for Bees Sustainability Award once before, and this time presented it to the Almond Board of California. more »

Sourcing Sustainability

Major snack food company makes a significant pledge. more »

It takes a village

Bee-focused partnerships move growers toward more sustainable almond production. more »

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