September/October 2023

Aerial view of crops taken from a drone.

Drones over orchards

Tech aids disease detection, irrigation efficiencies. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), such as drones, are becoming more popular in grower operations and are gaining a foothold in nut orchards. »

Prepare for drone licensing

Drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) require special licensing to operate. »
Automation can help alleviate staffing issues. Photo courtesy of OMC.

Artificial Intelligence

The future of autonomous technologies in orchards »
Blue image with "data" graphic

Data management

Tree nut growers see value in technology that helps decision making »

A partnership of: Legends California Almonds + prime time

California Almonds are going Prime Time! The Almond Board of California (ABC) is launching a new one-of-a-kind partnership of legends with the one and only Coach Prime himself, Deion Sanders. Coach Prime is a hall of fame, multi-sport athlete turned coach and almonds are a legendary, multi-benefit packed snack with promising new research around exercise recovery. Both continually redefine what is possible. »

Effective succession planning: Developing a successful plan is more than who gets what and when

No one really plans to fail; however, many farm families fail to plan. Farm succession planning is a process that takes time and focus. An effective plan can enhance family harmony and financi... more
Swift River Pecans

Valuing THE SOIL

Texas pecan grower employs bats, regenerative ag practices »

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